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 Osborne House, May 2011

Snowshill House, July 2013

 Blenheim, December 2013

Details about the day visits and procedure follow the quick reference

Day Visits - quick reference

Tuesday 10 February
Departure: 07:45
Cost:    £44.00
      Pallant House Gallery and Chichester Cathedral
      Cost includes coach, Pallant House entrance and
  special exhibition fee, coffee, private lecture, sandwich
lunch and Chichester Cathedral donation for private tour

Wednesday 22 April
Departure: 09:00
Cost:  £40.00

    Compton Verney, Warwickshire
   Cost includes coach, Compton Verney entrance fee to  
      main collections, special exhibitions and grounds,
                 guided tour of main collections,
           coffee on arrival and cold buffet lunch


Tuesday 9 June
Departure: 10:00
Cost:  £32.00

 West Green House Garden, Hampshire
    Private Tour
Cost includes coach, arrival refreshments, salad lunch, two talks, guided tour.  National Trust members will have free entry to the garden on presentation of their N.T. card.  For those without a National Trust card there will be an £8.00 entrance fee payable on arrival at West Green  


Tuesday 15 September
Departure:  08:00
Cost:  £40

                  American Museum and City of Bath
Cost includes coach, admission to American Museum permanent collections, two special exhibitions and grounds, guided tour of main rooms, arrival refreshments, soup and sandwich lunch


Tuesday 24 November
Departure:  08:30
Cost:  £29

Wallace Collection and Christmas Shopping,
London W1
Cost includes coach, arrival refreshments and guided tour of the Wallace Collection

    Booking starts Thursday 17 September 2015

Details of the Day Visits

Tuesday 10 February 2015                                 Pallant House Gallery and     
Departure: 07:45                                                            Chichester Cathedral
Cost:  £44.00                           
Cost includes coach, Pallant House entrance and special exhibition fee, 
                                      coffee, private lecture, sandwich lunch and Chichester Cathedral donation for private tour 

                    Pallant House Gallery

            Ivon Hitchens - Red Centre (1972)

                   Christopher Wood - 
                     China Dogs in St Ives

      Edward Bawden - Play with Me (1984)

                   Chichester Cathedral

         The Baptism of Christ - Hans Feibusch
                        Font by John Skelton


 Our visit to Chichester begins with the Pallant House Gallery, a Queen Anne building with an impressive modern extension in the middle of Chichester. This houses one of the best collections of modern British Art in the UK outside London. Indeed the Pallant Gallery is a ‘collection of collections’, the recipient of gifts from discerning connoisseurs creating a wonderful spectrum of art including Post Impressionist art,  landscape paintings, modern abstract and figurative art, naive painting and contemporary prints and sculpture, as well as a collection of eighteenth century Bow porcelain.

On arrival at Pallant House, following welcome coffee, we will have a private illustrated lecture to prepare us for viewing ‘Conscience and Conflict: British Artists and the Spanish Civil War’ the current special exhibition.

The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was fought between the democratically elected Spanish Republic and a rebel Nationalist force led by General Franco. Visual artists became engaged in the conflict either by themselves fighting or creating works of art. British responses are compared with their European counterparts. Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ was displayed in Britain in 1938 and a highlight of the show will be Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’.

                Picasso - Weeping Woman (1937)

There will then be independent time in the exhibition and the main galleries before a sandwich lunch. The great pleasure of Pallant House Gallery is in entering a room and coming across an Ivon Hitchens landscape, a Lucien Freud self portrait, an Edward Bawden cat, an Alfred Wallace seascape, a Howard Hodgkin abstract, a Richard Hamilton ‘Swingeing London’ or a porcelain ‘Tea Party’.

                 Tea Party - Bow Porcelain (1760)

A five minute walk in the early afternoon will take us to Chichester Cathedral where guides will show us the artistic highlights. Chichester Cathedral is unique in its collection of modern paintings, sculpture and stained glass including a window by Marc Chagall on the theme of Psalm 150, and a Holy Trinity tapestry by John Piper.

           The Holy Trinity Tapestry - John Piper (1966)

Also to be seen is a font by John Skelton and paintings by Hans Feibusch and Graham Sutherland. There are notable medieval carvings and a table tomb with sculptural effigies of Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel and his wife holding hands. This is the tomb which inspired Philip Larkin’s poem, ‘An Arundel Tomb’. There should just be time for a cup of tea in the Cathedral café before our return home.

                   Pallant House Gallery 
                          Modern Extension

            R.B. Kitaj - The Architects (1981)

                  Edward Burra - Medusa

                       Lucien Freud -
            Self Portrait with Hyacinth (1947-8)

              Chichester Cathedral Interior


Wednesday 22 April                                               Compton Verney,         
Departure: 09:00                                                             Warwickshire
Cost:  £40.00                             Cost includes includes coach, Compton Verney entrance fee to main collections,
                                                                    special exhibitions and grounds, guided tour of main collections,
                                                                                         coffee on arrival, cold buffet lunch

Compton Verney

Lucas Cranach - Venus and Cupid

                 Noli me tangere

         Holy Kinship wood sculpture c.1520

              Lemuel Francis Abbott
                          Admiral Nelson 1797

          Chinese bronze Heavenly Horse
                              Han Dynasty

Set in a restored Robert Adam mansion in Warwickshire surrounded by 120 acres of ‘Capability’ Brown landscape, Compton Verney offers a unique art gallery experience with permanent collections comprising Northern European Renaissance art, Neapolitan Baroque paintings, British portraits, Chinese bronzes, and Folk art.

The Northern European collection includes fine wood sculptures as well as Lucas Cranach’s ‘Lot and his Daughters’ and ‘Venus and Cupid’. The cool eroticism of Cranach contrasts with the warmer colours of the painter Luca Giordano whose Holy Family is the highlight of the Neapolitan gallery. The British portraits feature many distinguished subjects such as Admiral Nelson, but the depiction of the youthful and short-lived King Edward VI is both richly symbolic and touchingly human.

The distinguished and extensive collection of Chinese bronzes includes a Heavenly Horse from the Han dynasty and a beautiful Ming dynasty stem cup. The Folk Art galleries have gems such as ‘in the Lion’s Den’ representing a gentleman in an unfortunate position and, most notably, the work of Enid Marx (she preferred the term ‘popular art’): her ‘Tiger, Tiger’, recalling William Blake’s poem, depicts one of her Siamese cats. 

As we move through these diverse galleries, see if you can spot the Trapani Nativity group, picture below:

After coffee on arrival, we will have an introductory guided tour of the collections followed by a buffet lunch in the elegant Adam Hall.

                The Robert Adam Hall

There will then be free time to visit two special exhibitions: 'Canaletto: Celebrating Britain' covers his nine year stay in this country.

              Canaletto - Vauxhall Gardens

An exhibition of Martin Parr’s photography documents the Yorkshire mill town of Hebden Bridge. You might choose a stroll in the grounds, where there is a changing display of sculptures, to complete your visit.


The Neapolitan Gallery

      Luca Giordano - Holy Family (c.1675)

              Lucas Cranach Elder - 
                       Lot and his Daughters

                 King Edward VI

             Stem Cup Ming Dynasty

          Enid Marx - Tiger, Tiger (1958)

Tuesday 9 June                                  West Green House Garden, Hampshire                         
Departure: 10:00                                                             Private Tour
Cost:  £32.00                       Cost includes coach, arrival refreshments, salad lunch, two talks, guided tour.
                                            National Trust members will have free entry to the garden on presentation of
                                            their N.T. card.  For those without a National Trust card there will be an £8.00
                                            entrance fee payable on arrival at West Green

 Marylyn Abbott

               The Show Garden at 
                        Chelsea Flower Show

               The Alice Garden

             Green Theatre Auditorium

      The Opera Garden Lighting in 2011

We are fortunate to have a private visit to West Green House Garden in Hampshire designed by Marylyn Abbott, the acclaimed garden designer, writer, and presenter of one of the finest English Country House Opera seasons.

Her 2014 show garden at Chelsea Flower Show, inspired by her courtyard garden at West Green, won a silver gilt award.

After coffee on arrival, Marylyn will talk to us about the design and development of the garden and take us on a personal tour. Marylyn had a famous garden in Australia at Kinnerton Green and was formerly marketing and tourism officer for Sydney Opera House so it will not be altogether surprising to find theatrical and witty features such as the topiary Alice Garden and to discover two dragons amongst the acers and peonies in the Japanese garden.

In contrast, the walled garden with Victorian fruit cages and a pleasing ensemble of manicured lawn, deep flower borders, and flamboyant vegetables seems more traditionally English in style.

                The Victorian Fruit Cages

There are many other features such as the bog garden, the lake, the Chinese chickens, the Nymphaeum—but I won’t reveal them all here.

                     The Lake

After our tour, a light lunch will be provided in the cafe followed by a talk by Marylyn on the West Green opera project which has evolved and gone from strength to strength over 13 years culminating in the acquisition of the Green Theatre auditorium, a magnificent glass structure in which the operas are staged. These are customarily black tie occasions with interval dining or picnics in covered pavilions by the lake. The operas for the 2015 season, Mozart Marriage of Figaro and Strauss Ariadne on Naxos, promise to be both visually and musically enchanting. Afterwards, as night falls, the audience will stroll through the garden magically illuminated.

There will be free time in the afternoon to buy tea and cakes, to browse the shop for plants and gifts, or to revisit favourite parts of the garden (bring your camera), before our return to Henley.

               A composite picture of
                          West Green

            Marylyn with Monty Don at
                        Chelsea Flower Show

                 The Nymphaeum

                The Opera Pavilions


Tuesday 15 September                                      American Museum and City of Bath
                                                        Cost includes coach, admission to American Museum permanent collections,
                                                              two special exhibitions and grounds, guided tour of main rooms, arrival refreshments,
                                                                                                             soup and sandwich lunch      


American Museum 18th century interior

Bath Abbey nave altar East End  


The American Museum, overlooking the Avon valley at Claverton Manor on the outskirts of Bath, is a remarkable collection of folk and decorative arts which constitutes a cultural journey through the history of America from the early settlers to the present. The period rooms, textile and quilt displays and the interactive galleries reveal a fascinatingly eclectic diversity of objects including paintings, maps, Shaker furniture, photographs, Tiffany glass, and American Airlines posters. The Lower Floor has displays on the American West, the Declaration of Independence and the American Civil War. The Ground Floor has a Folk Art Gallery and Period Rooms such as a Shaker Sister’s Workroom and a New Orleans Bedroom. The First Floor has an elegant 17th Century Room and a Textiles Room.

We will have a private guided tour of the museum followed by the opportunity to visit two special exhibitions: ‘Hatched, Matched, Dispatched—and Patched!’ showcases an array of textile treasures including quilts and costumes that commemorate family milestones of births, marriages and deaths; ‘Spirit Hawkeye’ is a series of photographic portraits celebrating contemporary Native American culture.

After a light soup and sandwich lunch, the coach will take us to Bath for independent free time in the afternoon.

Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths and the Pump Room are in close proximity in the centre of the city. A remarkable feature of the exterior of the West Front of the Abbey is the sculptural Jacob’s ladder which shows angels ascending to heaven. The interior has a fine fan vaulted ceiling. Usually on display in the nave is a life of Christ depicted in 35 pairs of panels, a contemporary work of art and craft by Sue Symon, a combination of needlework, hand drawn lettering and calligraphy known as the Bath Abbey Diptychs.

The Roman Baths are a very popular tourist attraction with interactive features and a self guided audio tour. Or you might wish to take to take afternoon tea in the Pump Room before our return.



American Museum Folk Gallery


                                 Roman Baths   



Tuesday 24 November                                           Wallace Collection and                                Booking starts Thursday 17 September
Departure:  08:30                                                            Christmas Shopping, London W1
Cost:  £29                                                                     Cost includes coach, arrival refreshments and
                                                                                           guided tour of the Wallace Collection

              Hertford House, home of
                         the Wallace Collection

                Nicolas Poussin - 
         A Dance to the Music of Time (1634)

 François Boucher -
               Madame de Pompadour (1759)

       A gold and pearl snuff box created by
                     Jean Ducrollary (1744)

                   Rembrandt -
                Portrait of his son Titus (1657)


The Great Gallery of the Wallace Collection in Hertford House, WI, has now reopened following its recent re-hang and restoration with walls newly covered in crimson silk and is looking, in the words of art critic Richard Dorment, 'twice as big, twice as grand and twice as glamorous as it did before'.

'The Annunciation' (c.1648) by Phillipe de Champaigne (see above) and Poussin’s 'Dance to the Music of Time' command the west and east end of the gallery with Rubens’ 'Rainbow Landscape' and Titian’s 'Perseus and Andromeda' and other masterpieces along the side walls.

         Rubens - Rainbow Landscape (1636)

The Wallace Collection is of course especially celebrated for its eighteenth century art, most notably the elegant portraits and erotic nudes of François Boucher and the rococo frivolity of Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

The decorative objects of the period on display are in tune with that note of frivolity and luxury.

Not to be missed are the beautiful Venetian paintings by Francesco Guardi including the one above, a view of Santa Maria della Salute, Venice (1780s). Primed by the stimulating HEDFAS lecture on the subject, you will appreciate the elegant detail of the frame.
There are as many artistic masterpieces of other periods including Rembrandt’s portrait of his son, Titus, and a mysterious portrait of a Young Archer, originally assigned to Rembrandt but now reattributed to his pupil Govaert Flinck. A personal favourite is Vincenzo Foppa’s 'The Young Cicero Reading'—Renaissan
ce humanism infused with tenderness.

After coffee on arrival we will have a guided tour of the Collection. You will then be free to spend more time in this restful oasis with velvet couches (some of which you can sit on) in the midst of the West End, or choose a long lunch, visit another gallery, browse shops in adjoining Marylebone High Street (with one of the best bookshops in London) or, for the intrepid, Oxford Street before the coach returns to Henley.

       The Great Gallery, newly refurbished

       Titian - Perseus and Andromeda (1556)

  Jean-Honoré Fragonard -
The Swing (1767)

               Sèvres Inkstand (1759)

       Detail of the frame of Guardi's painting

 Procedure for booking Day Visits

 Pat Righelato
Tel: 0118 926 4513
Mobile: 0750 725 6436

Day Visits are organised by Pat Righelato and her husband Renton, with meticulous planning and care.  Pat and Renton are experienced tour leaders.

We do hope that you will enjoy every moment of our outings in 2015 and find them not only full of interest but also immensely good fun. 
Renton Righelato
Mobile: 07879 812 564

Booking Procedure:

1. Bookings are taken prior to the morning and afternoon lectures in the Ballroom at  
    Phyllis Court two or three months before the actual visit. Please see the exact date for
    booking listed with each visit. In addition the booking date is printed in the 
    annual calendar given to all HEDFAS members on renewal of their subscriptions in
2. Bookings open at 09:30 in the morning and 13:30 in the afternoon.  Places
    are filled very quickly for popular outings so it is advisable to arrive early
3. Bookings are only taken for the visit advertised that day and future visits may only be
    booked on the appointed booking date
4. Telephone bookings are not accepted on the booking date but members may book for themselves and one 
    other member 
5.  Please note that a booking is only accepted on receipt of payment (for one or two
6. The coach departs from The Rugby Club, Marlow Road, Henley (opposite the
    entrance to Phyllis Court).  There is car parking on site (£3.00 in the meter, no
    change given). You will be informed of the relevant departure time when you book as
    departure times for visits vary considerably. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before departure 
7. Should you wish to get in touch on the day of the visit, please telephone Renton Righelato on his
    mobile (07879 812 564).  Please note that the coach is unable to wait for late arrivals
8. Cancellation: payment will only be refunded if the place is taken by a HEDFAS
    member on the waiting list. Please note that places may not be taken by non-
    HEDFAS members, except by prior agreement with Pat
9. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us either by email or telephone if you have
    any queries. We are always happy to help