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Wednesday 4 May

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace was built by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and presented to/requisitioned by his master, Henry VIII in 1525.  The Palace has always, in its art and architecture, been associated with the rise and fall of royal and political fortunes, not only in Henry's reign, but also in the successive royal patrons determined to leave their mark artistically.  King Charles I, who imported Andrea Mantegna's great fresco series, The Triumphs of Caesar, was later imprisoned at the Palace during the Civil War and executed, but the Mantegna series remains to this day.  King William III commanded Antonio Verrio in 1700 to decorate the King's Staircase with a Baroque classical fantasia modestly entitled The Triumph of William III.  We will have a guided tour of the art and architecture of the Palace associated with these and other royal patrons.  After lunch, there will be independent time to explore the Gardens before our return.

           Great Hall           
         Royal Chapel
            Mantegna              Triumphs of Caesar

                                                                 Verrio Mural King's

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