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           Henley-on-Thames, the home of HEDFAS

History of NADFAS
NADFAS was the brain-child of a young Buckinghamshire housewife, Patricia Fay, who started the first society, Chiltern Antiques Group, with her friends in 1965, later to become Chiltern DFAS (Decorative Fine Arts Society).  Within two years there were already seven societies.  In 1968 the first 11 formed the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies, holding the first meeting at the Victoria & Albert Museum in the presence of HRH The Duchess of Kent, who became the first patron.  Patricia Fay received the OBE in recognition of her inspirational work.  Sadly she died in 1979 aged 46, but by the time of her death there were
100 societies in existence.  Since then the small flame she lit has spread like wildfire throughout the country, with a present total of 347 societies across the British Isles.  In addition there are 10 in Europe, 34 in Australia and five in New Zealand.  In total there are over 90,000 members. 
After NADFAS was formed, a Foreign Tours group was set up, followed by Church Recording, Young NADFAS, Home Tours and a voluntary conservation group, NADFAS Volunteers, who are directly involved in practical conservation. 
Each society has close ties with NADFAS, but is financially autonomous.  The societies are represented in the NADFAS Council by Area Representatives, who in turn keep in touch with grass roots opinion at Area meetings, when Society Chairmen express their views.  There are 22 societies in our Area and we meet twice yearly, with a member of the NADFAS Executive Council in attendance.  Each Society Chairman, or their representative, attends the NADFAS Annual General Meeting and is entitled to vote and also may consult with any member of the National Executive at any time.
 History of HEDFAS


Françoise White, the founder of HEDFAS
HEDFAS (Henley Decorative & Fine Arts Society) was founded in 1976, with our first lecture in January 1977, as a result of the vision and energy of Françoise White.  Our membership grew rapidly to over 500 and now stands at about 626. 
We have a morning lecture starting at 10:45 and the same lecture at 14:15 on the third Thursday of the month.  We have 10 lectures a year, one every month except July, August and December.  There is a second lecture in April at the AGM.  We also have three Study Days where we embrace a subject in greater depth.  We have four day trips to exhibitions, houses, museums and many other places of interest.  Every spring we have a short holiday in the British Isles and each autumn a holiday abroad, accompanied by expert guides.

Phyllis Court Club
where our lectures are held

Whether our members choose only to attend our lectures or take a step further and participate in some of the diverse interests we have to offer, all agree that it is a most rewarding and stimulating organisation. One of the last things our national founder, Patricia Fay, said was 'I do hope NADFAS will not become too serious - it was meant to be fun'. More than 45 years on we still use our best endeavours to carry out her wishes to the letter.
Do email your news, views and photographs to Jane Rix (Website) or Jenny Homer (Newsletter) . We look forward to hearing from you.

Registered Charity No. 289323