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For Membership please telephone Jackie Rupert on 0118 961 7885 
or email her at

Membership for the year 2015 is £46 per person with no joining fee or reduction for joint membership.  Most members pay by Standing Order and a Standing Order form will be sent to all those applying for membership.  The annual Standing Order collection date is 16 October.  For members on Standing Order a reminder email confirming this is sent in September, for reference only.  A letter, for reference only, is sent to those not on email.  Those not on Standing Order receive an email or letter in September requesting payment.

You may become a member of HEDFAS at any time of the year.  Full payment is required except for new members joining in September, when the subscription is halved for the remaining three lectures of the year (no lecture in December).  The full subscription will, of course, be required for the following year commencing 1 January.
Lectures are held in the Ballroom, Phyllis Court Club, Marlow Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon RG9 2HT. There is no requirement to be a member of Phyllis Court in order to become a member of HEDFAS. There are currently 626 HEDFAS members.
There is adequate parking in the grounds of Phyllis Court.  HEDFAS members who are not members of Phyllis Court should park in the Visitors' Car Park.  Please note this is about five minutes' walk from the entrance.  You may be dropped off at the front door by a friend if this is more convenient.
New and existing members are given a calendar with details of all HEDFAS dates for the following year, on receipt of payment.  In addition to this new members  receive a Welcome Letter with useful information and a little background on HEDFAS.  

As a privilege to HEDFAS, all HEDFAS members, whether a member of Phyllis Court or not, may have lunch either before or after the lecture, anywhere in the Club except the Members Bar, on production of their white calendar as proof of HEDFAS membership.  Please note this applies to lecture days only.  If you would like sandwiches they may be ordered and paid for before the morning lecture.
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