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The HEDFAS Young Arts programme is organised by Liz Jarvis

HEDFAS working with Young Artists...

We are very proud of the work done on behalf of HEDFAS by Liz Jarvis, our Young Arts Committee Member, and other volunteers.  It is an important role of our society to encourage the work of young artists and we are grateful to them for the time and effort they put into this worthwhile enterprise.

Two of last year's A level students from The Piggott School in Wargrave, Tara Bartlett and Claire Thurgood, have had their works exhibited at two recent major exhibitions in London.  See  further details of how their paintings were originally chosen.

Their work was on display in the 'Rising Stars' exhibition at the Lloyds Register Gallery in Fenchurch Street in the City.  The exhibition was opened by Michael Portillo and proved to be a most successful venue to showcase these art works.


Tara has always loved the combination of tiny details and vibrant, bold colours as her marbles picture demonstrates so effectively.  She is currently pursuing her passion for the media industry, working on location for different productions 

Claire is fascinated with photorealistic painting, especially making mundane, everyday objects sculpturally beautiful pieces of art.  This is shown to wonderful effect in her painting of peppers in plastic bags.  She is studying Art and Design at Leeds University and hopes to have a career in the creative industry

The exhibition then relocated to the prestigious Mall Galleries where is was displayed alongside the Royal Society of British Artists' own annual exhibition.

... and even Younger Artists

HEDFAS was been involved in, and funded, art workshops in Henley and District schools as part of the Henley Youth Festival which took place 7 to 11 March.  A number of schools were involved from both junior and senior level, including Bishopswood Special School and the Chiltern Centre.  The subjects of the workshops were Screen Printing, Animation, Dr Brian and his Red Van, Carnival Masks, Headdresses and Lantern Making.  Liz Jarvis, our Young Arts Committee Member, and several willing helpers from HEDFAS and elsewhere, attended the stimulating events.  To encourage and inspire children at such impressionable ages is hugely worthwhile and was well rewarded by hearing several children say "it was the best fun day at school ever". 

          The children produced these beautiful screen
printed T shirts...


...and made these fantastic masks and headdresses