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Henley Youth Festival

Young Arts in March 2015 at the Henley Youth Festival


Once again, our youngsters' creative abilities exceeded all expectations.  From 9 to 20 March HEDFAS, in conjunction with the Henley Youth Festival, sponsored 15 workshops in 11 primary schools and one secondary school in the Henley area.

The children made masks, globes and scenes from The Tempest and loved every minute of it.

Another workshop featured Dr Brian Squabbles and his red van.  He visited Nettlebed Primary School on 17 March - clearly the day was an unqualified success! 

Young Arts in March 2014


Children of Peppard Primary School displaying the re-useable bags they had made
Our Young Arts section was started soon after the foundation of HEDFAS and is considered to be one of the foremost in the British Isles. We are particularly proud of our reputation. Over the years there has been a multitude of varied exciting projects. In the very early
days parties of children were taken on educational day trips in their school holidays, accompanied by members of the committee and parents.  A little later local schools were invited to take an interest and this they did with great gusto.  Art in all forms was introduced and promoted to pupils ranging in age from five to eighteen.  There were lectures on paintings and artists delivered by lively lecturers with a particular bent for captivating the interest of even the youngest child. The shining eyes and rapt attention of the young listeners serve to convince even the most sceptical that this was a resounding success.   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Thereafter there were competitions for posters, pictures and objects of all descriptions.  One of the most successful was the challenge to design a resuable bag made of hessian and many of the local shops actively supported this, with the children's brightly coloured re-useable bags for sale. 
Young Arts has also done much with children with disabilities, encouraging them to make the most of their talents, and this has made a huge difference to many young lives. Over the years there have been art competitions in conjunction with Henley Youth Festival , with the pictures on display at Henley Library.

Young Arts has had a particularly exciting and interesting year in 2014.  Read on to discover all that we have sponsored and taken part in.  We like to think that our reputation as one of the foremost and most innovative NADFAS societies with Young Arts is justified.  Read on to discover why ...




    Fire the Inventor Automata Workshops

The workshops were held at The Henley Youth Centre on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 March 2014 for children from Valley Road, Badgemore, Sacred Heart, St. Mary's, Peppard and Nettlebed schools, sponsored by HEDFAS.  

The children were shown the first principles of how to connect art and technology.  With great skill and determination, under the expert guidance of Steve Guy and volunteers, they created cam-based machines which burst into life at the turn of a handle - a moving toy or automatum - using a mixture of pre-made parts, craft materials and random bits and pieces.