Royal Society of British Artists

Two student paintings selected by HEDFAS in September 2015 will be exhibited in London

Each year NADFAS works in partnership with the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) to find the most outstanding work by final A-level students from around the country and those works will be displayed at the Lloyds Register Gallery and the Mall Galleries in London in the spring of 2016.  This year HEDFAS submitted nine paintings by six students and two of those have been selected for the exhibitions. 

To highlight what an achievement this is, 55 NADFAS societies had submitted 348 images of original student work including paintings, ceramics and sculpture, and only 22 were selected for the exhibitions.


L to R: Holly-May Lynch, Holly Maddock,
Claire Thurgood and Dory Thompson

The nine paintings by students at Henley College and the Piggott School provided a wonderful display at the HEDFAS meeting held at Phyllis Court on 17 September.  The six students each received a cheque for £50 and a certificate from Dory Thompson, South Mercia Area Young Arts Chairman.  Unfortunately only three students were able to attend in person to receive their award (pictured left).

The six students were Holly-May Lynch (Henley College), Holly Maddock (Henley College), Claire Thurgood (Piggott School), Jayne Walters (Piggott School), Eleanor Povey (Piggott School) and Tara Bartlett (Piggott School).  

HEDFAS was delighted to have selected two 'winners' and warmly congratulates Claire Thurgood and Tara Bartlett, both students at the Piggott School in Wargrave.  Their works, pictured below, will be on display in the Lloyds Register Gallery from 11 February to 11 March and at the Mall Galleries from 17 March to 2 April next year.  Their paintings are also displayed with the other 20 works on the NADFAS website.



'Peppers in Cellophane' by Claire Thurgood

Claire is fascinated with photorealistic painting, especially making mundane, everyday objects sculpturally beautiful pieces of art.  This is shown to wonderful effect in this painting of peppers in plastic bags.  Claire has started studying art and design at Leeds University and hopes to have a career in the creative industry.

                                                                                  Marbles' by Tara Bartlett

Tara has always loved the combination of tiny details and vibrant, bold colours
as this picture demonstrates so beautifully and effectively.  She is currently
pursuing her passion for the media industry, working on location for different productions.



                                                   Elena Real-Davies' Picture was displayed at
                                      the 297th Royal Society of British Artists Annual Open Exhibition
                                                                          from 5 to 15 March 2014

         The Mall Galleries, London

               Elena at the exhibition

          Louise Marten (HEDFAS Young Arts) 
                             with Elena

  The Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) was established in 1823 as the Society of British Artists, as an alternative to the Royal Academy. The RBA commenced with twenty-seven members, and took until 1876 to reach 50. The RBA's first two exhibitions were held in 1824, with one or two exhibitions held annually thereafter.  Queen Victoria granted the Society the Royal Charter  in 1887.

The RBA currently has 110 elected members who participate in an annual exhibition every March, held at the Mall Galleries in London. For the last four years NADFAS has joined forces with the RBA and exhibited some twenty pictures chosen from Sixth Form Colleges around the country. The successful students have the title RBA Scholar during the exhibition itself.

HEDFAS submitted three pictures from Henley College. Elena Real-Davis painted Sea Food - Still Life, Luke Simmonds painted Coastal Landscape and Shashi Sing painted Fruit - Still Life.

Sea Food - Still Life, painted by Elena Real-Davis, was selected for the exhibition.  This is the third year running that a picture from HEDFAS was selected.

Many congratulations to Elena!

        Andrew Marr admiring Elena's picture

              The three paintings chosen:

                 Shashi Sing: Fruit - Still Life

           Luke Simmonds: Coastal Landscape

          Elena Real-Davies: Sea Food - Still Life

Young Arts Scores Again for the Fourth Year Running!

Alex Harding's picture

 Georgina Dale's picture

Our September 2014 lecture was a very special day, not just for HEDFAS, but for four exceptionally gifted young A level art students, three from Henley College and one from The Piggott School. In conjunction with HEDFAS Young Arts, the work of these four Sixth Form students was chosen to be put forward for a national competition organised by NADFAS.  In recognition of this Diana Hadaway, Vice President of HEDFAS, presented Alex Harding, William Totman and Georgina Dale (all Henley College students) with a prize of £50 each and a Certificate of Excellence, at the start of our afternoon lecture. Eleanor Day (The Piggott School) was unable to be present so her prize was sent to her.

NADFAS, in conjunction with the Royal Society of British Artists, has organised their fifth annual exhibition, to be held at the Mall Galleries in London in March 2015.  

This year 52 NADFAS Societies submitted 370 art works from 89 schools for inclusion in the exhibition. The RBA Council chose just 20 pictures from all those put forward - so they had difficult choices to make. These pictures will be hung alongside professional artists and the successful students will have the title RBA Scholar during the exhibition itself. The exhibition is open to all, especially members of HEDFAS.

Early in November NADFAS informed us that Eleanor Day's picture had been selected for the exhibition. Very many congratulations to Eleanor. This is the fourth year running that a picture from HEDFAS has been selected.  We are delighted and proud of our young artists. 


 William Totman's picture

 Eleanor Day's picture